Jessica Moore

As a MU graduate in animal science, Jessica is the horse person of the family.  She rode in her first show on Ruler’s Special Angel when she was just seven years old.  She had no idea what she was doing, but she had a great time anyway.  Jessica went through several horses in the next few years, including Marker's Cracker Jack and Hard Copy's Susie Q.  As she got older, she needed a horse that could carry her farther.  She met her match in The Jazzman D - an older gelding that had been retired by his previous owners. In 1999, Jazz and Jessica took on the world, literally.  That show season, they amassed over 30 blue ribbons and won every major championship that a youth rider could win, including the Youth World Grand Championship.

Jessica has ridden many horses into the show ring, but none are as special as one of her current show horses.  Made You Look ("Maddie") nearly died the day she was born.  Jessica had to bottle feed her for 24 hours before Maddie was strong enough to nurse on her own.  Luckily, she not only survived, but flourished!  In 2012, Maddie returned the favor by getting Jessica back into the show ring after a very serious injury.  The pair took home the 2012 Amateur Limited 3 year old Reserve WGC to top off the comeback!  They continued their teamwork the following year by winning the 2013 Open Amateur 4 year old mare Reserve Championship.